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Completed Hats, #9 and #10

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Pattern: Greenery Hat, designed by Lilith Parker

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Cactus Flower colorway

Pattern: Improvised

Yarn: Cascade 128 Superwash Chunky, Charcoal colorway

Thanks to my models Nick and Rachel. It was very hard to keep them Rachel on-task:

The gray hat that Nick is modeling is the first guys’ hat that I’ve made for Hannah’s Hopeful Hats. The pattern was improvised on my part- I cast on 72 stitches on size 13 needles, worked in a twisted rib, and then did a sort of right-angle twisted decrease of my own invention. I think it worked nicely.

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Hannah’s Hopeful Hats for boys?

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the mission and purpose of Hannah’s Hopeful Hats. I had a very clear idea in starting it: I wanted to make flattering, beautiful hats for girls to help them feel more confident as they undergo cancer treatment.

However, I have been asked a number of times whether I knit hats for boys as well, and I’ve come to the realization that I can’t think of any reason why I shouldn’t. Guys want to feel good about themselves too, and even though I was inspired by Hannah, that’s no reason to exclude them from what I’m doing. I was recently asked to make a hat for a teenage boy who was just diagnosed, and I got the yarn for it today. While I’m not sure if I’ll make quite as many hats for guys as for girls (I think most guys would be more inclined to wear a baseball cap or something like it when the weather is warm, so the need might not be as great), I’m going to start making hats more geared towards boys in addition to the hats that I’ve already been making.

On that note, here are some patterns I’m looking at. Knitting patterns for men tend to be somewhat dull, but I’ve found some that I think have enough interest to make them unique while still retaining the manly image. Thank God for Jared Flood.

Koolhaas, by Jared Flood (This one was inspired by the look of the Seattle Public Library, which was designed by a man named Rem Koolhaas. Cool, huh?)

Habitat, by Jared Flood

Turn A Square, by (you guessed it) Jared Flood

Jacques Cousteau Hat, by Lalla Pohjanpalo

A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend, by Stephanie Nicole

Knotty but Nice, by Natalie Larson

Regular Guy Beanie, by Chuck Wright

Flintshire, by Ashley Knowlton

Struan, by Ysolda Teague (I’ll have to do some looking into how that brim is made. But it’s by Ysolda, so I automatically love it.)

…I’m going to be knitting a LOT of gray, black, navy, and brown. Sigh. Hopefully I can get some of my guy friends to model for me. At least I know from yesterday that Nick can work it.

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Completed Hats, #6, #7, and #8

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I had quite a lineup of unphotographed hats, but was able to finally get pictures during my open period today.

Pattern: An Unoriginal Hat, designed by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Yarn: Aslan Trends Del Sur, White colorway

Pattern: Spring Beret by Natalie Larson

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Velvet Grapes colorway

Pattern: Opus Spicatum, designed by Kate Gagnon Osborn

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Coco and Stone Blue colorways (I think)

The lovely Lauren, with whom I hang out during my open period, kindly agreed to model for me. Thanks Lauren! You’re frustratingly photogenic. Also, for all interested parties, I had another model today:

My friend Nick. Smoldering, right? I think he’s ready for Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Thanks for the use of your camera, Nick!

On the hats- I loved all three of these. Especially the white one- that one will be hard to let go! I was so lucky to find the Del Sur- I wanted to do this pattern in white from the start, but it was hard for me to find a yarn of the proper weight that still had a decent yardage. Del Sur worked perfectly, even though it contained a bit of prickly vegetable matter. I also loved the Malabrigo in Velvet Grapes, another yarn that was donated to me from Churchmouse. I’m usually not a fan of variegated yarn, but they had a sample hat knit in this exact same pattern and color at Churchmouse and I loved it. Mine still needs a good blocking, but I think it looks pretty good. The colors in Opus Spicatum turned out a bit darker than I was expecting, but I think it still looks nice. Malabrigo again, also from Churchmouse.

Speaking of donations, thanks to everyone who’s sent me yarn! Even if I don’t end up using it in the initial 12 hats I make (because I have fairly specific yarn plans for all of those), I will definitely be using all of the yarn that is donated for Hannah’s Hopeful Hats. None of it will go towards my own projects (although in the interest of full disclosure it is quite tempting). Along those lines, I’m thinking I’ll be taking a bit of a break from HHH after I finish the first 12 hats in order to complete a few projects of my own that have fallen by the wayside (including a sweater for my mom’s birthday… which was in August. Oops), but I’ll certainly keep making hats after that. They just won’t be all that I make.

Successful day!

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Completed Hats, #4 and #5

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Pattern: Selbu Modern, designed by Kate Gagnon Osborn

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas 100% Alpaca Sport Weight, Denim and Light Tan colorways

Pattern: Sutro Heights Hat, designed by Kiriko Moth

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Vermilion colorway

Thanks to my lovely model Lina. It’s hard to get a picture of Lina where she’s not laughing- which is one of the reasons why I’m friends with her. I really liked how these two hats turned out, and I have to admit, it will be kind of hard to give them away! I put so much time and energy into knitting that when I’m finished I really like to be able to wear and enjoy what I create, or at least see someone I care about wear and enjoy it. It makes me feel connected to the recipient to know that hours of my work have gone into making them feel warm, comforted, and loved. However, because I don’t know who will be receiving these hats, I don’t get that immediate satisfaction- I just have to have faith that the wearer and I will feel connected all the same.

Wow, that was corny. Over and out.

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Completed Hat #3

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I actually finished this one a while ago, but due to a couple of mix-ups/my thumb drive breaking, I haven’t been able to upload it until now.

Pattern: Gretel, designed by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Olive colorway

Thanks to Shania Rose, who was my model this time around! Shania was one of Hannah’s very best friends, and is also the daughter of one of my teachers. She’s a sweetheart!

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Completed Hats, #1 and #2

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As promised, here are the photos of the two hats I have finished so far!

Pattern: Robin’s Egg Blue Hat, designed by Rachel Iufer

Yarn: Spud & Chloe Sweater, Moonlight colorway

Pattern: Hermione Hearts Ron, designed by Christy Aylesworth

Yarn: Classic Elite Fresco, Port Royale colorway

Thanks to my lovely models Katie and Elise!

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