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Welcome to Hannah’s Hopeful Hats! Some of you may have seen my postings about HHH on Facebook, but I felt like I should a.) write about it somewhere that everyone, not just those who are on Facebook, can read about it, and b.) stop subjecting all of my friends to boring and incomprehensible talk about yarn and patterns and the like. So if you’re here, you’re here not as a captive audience but rather out of genuine interest in my project, and for that I thank you!

I’ll try to keep this blog as accessible and entertaining as I can, but I may occasionally delve into some more detailed knitting talk for those of you who are interested in such things. I’ll mostly be posting about the status of the project, but I may occasionally post about other opportunitites to support the cause. I won’t be posting about my social or academic life, except as they relate to HHH/cancer research (I promise, you’re not missing out on anything enthralling by not hearing about my social life).

So, where am I now? I’ve completed two hats out of my twelve hat goal, and have started a third. I’ll hopefully be taking pictures of these two hats tomorrow, and will put them on this website as soon as I can. I’ve received a great deal of interest, both from those who want to follow my progress and those who wish to contribute hats of their own. I also received an incredible donation of ten skeins of Malabrigo Merino Worsted in every color of the rainbow from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas, as well as a 10% discount for everyone who is knitting for HHH. I have to say, when they gave me the yarn, I squealed like a seven-year-old and showed anyone who would look (resulting in much polite, but strained, smiling and nodding. God bless my friends). Malabrigo is easily one of my favorite yarns of all time: incredibly soft, versatile, and lofty. It’s also not the slightest bit itchy, which is important when knitting for cancer patients, who can get extremely dry skin from their medication and don’t have hair to guard against itchiness.

One more thing, unrelated to knitting this time- there’s a run/walk in Seattle this Sunday to raise money for cancer research. I’ll be walking, along with some of my family and many members of the community. I’ll be bringing chocolate chip cookies, if any of you find yourselves swayed by bribery (don’t worry, I do too). Go to the Run of Hope Seattle website to check it out!

Thanks again for your interest in Hannah’s Hopeful Hats! I’ll try my best to keep this website updated with my progress, and if you have any questions you can leave a comment or email me at hannahshopefulhats@gmail.com.


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9 Responses to “Welcome!”

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So, Hannah’s Hopeful Hats after all. Good choice. I like the blog idea. I’m knitting over here in Cincinnati. Thank heavens Grandma knits. She had to bail me out of a goof-up yesterday.
See you in a few days!

What will you do when I leave for college?! Once you’re all trained up you can knit hats for HHH!

Kudos to you Caroline for taking on this project with much heart and passion! I’m sure Hannah is smiling!!! Lots of love…

I have a pattern and I’m almost ready to start a nice hat for your project!

What is your mom going to do when you leave for college? She’s going to come see me for hugs and go to Church Mouse for help. I can make a good mess out of my knitting, but even after 10 years I still can’t get myself out of it, let alone anyone else! Love you guys!

I love this idea, and have put your blog on my blog’s sidebar in the blogroll. Good work – you are helping to keep Hannah’s hope and inspiration in people’s minds and hearts.

what an absolutely wonderful way to keep our Hannah present. can we order a hat online?
thank you. Sara

The hats are actually going to be donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital for the patients to wear. You’re not the first to ask though! 🙂

I am so impressed by your spirit and energy to do this project! I think it is so wonderful that you felt moved to start this project where you saw a need. And even more neat that people are standing behind you, supporting you, helping you and encouraging your efforts. I know that all of the kids and teens who get your hats will have warmer and much more stylish heads! I look forward to seeing your updates and seeing the ripples of your movement spread through our community and others around us. You should be very proud of yourself!!

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